Five Factors for a Fabulous Wedding

From bridal showers to flowers! Today we look at all of the pre-wedding parties and showers.

A wedding is a celebration, it is an event and it doesn’t happen over night. Well, not unless you elope like my cousin and her boyfriend. 😉 Let’s assume for a moment though, that is not you. So what makes a wedding fabulous? And why do we have so many chance to celebrate.

Celebrate? Of course. There are many different opportunities to celebrate. And they start pretty early into the entire celebration. But even after you say “I do,” then dance the night away you aren’t done celebrating. When you get home from your honeymoon you will still have a chance to celebrate with your immediate family during the gift opening ceremony. This isn’t so much my idea of fun but you get the idea. There are plenty of ways for you and your future significant other to celebrate. And having a fabulous wedding doesn’t mean having the most expensive, biggest, and most elaborate. It is about celebrating the union of two families and showing your love for one another.

5. Engagement Party

Who traditionally hosts the engagement party: The bride’s family

This is the first chance to celebrate and it has its reasons. For one the engagement party is these for the two families to get to know one another.

If you already have introduced families you can easily skip this part. But if you like to celebrate and you think this would be a good way for the two families to get to know one another then you may want to celebrate your engagement party.

There is however another reason that one may want to host an engagement party. And it is all about you. Engagement parties also act as a way for parents to show their approval and celebrate your impending union.

You would be surprised how much variation you can find in these celebrations. It can range from a few close family members from both sides or it can be an all out party with invitations, catering and dancing. Some might even refer to it as a test run for the wedding.

4. Bridal Showers

Who traditionally hosts the bridal shower: The maid of honor

If the engagement party has the potential to become a wedding reception lite the bridal shower is equally so. You see there is a long and illustrious tradition to the bridal shower that is equally patriarchal and uncool. So let’s skip all of that and stick to what makes it fabulous.

First there is no better chance for you to relax for your wedding than at your bridal shower. Most of us don’t require the small household items that were once an important aspect of a bridal shower. But they are what make the shower a unique experience so when you get a bundt cake form from a great aunt just smile and thank her, because it is the thought that counts.

There are a couple of things that you should take into account when you celebrate a bridal shower.

Couples Showers

Who traditionally hosts the bridal shower: The bride and groom

There is an emerging trend that really should be more in focus for the modern wedding. It takes the whole idea of a shower and turns it on its head. And if you read the subtitle I think you will know what I’m talking about. The couples shower really isn’t that new but plenty of people are still surprised when they learn about it. The reason is because of the whole tradition of a bridal shower and the reason they came into being. It is fascinating to see how many unique options there are for couples and bridal shower invitations when you look for fun options.

Unlike the bridal will be expected to cover the cost of the shower. Though if you choose this option the price can greatly be reduced so it isn’t necessarily that much of a hindrance. Still your great aunt might be too embarrassed giving you the bundt cake form in the company of men.

3. Bachelorette Party

Who traditionally hosts the bachelorette party: The maid of honor

Fifty years ago this would have been a grave taboo. While the boys were out playing the girls had to sit diligently at home and wait for them. Today young women are equally able to go out and have one last fling before the ring without being looked down upon. And while it is now an option for both the bride and groom less and less couples are coming to the idea to celebrate them.

Still the bachelorette party doesn’t need to be a decadent night of drinking and debauchery like many people imagine. It can be a fun and relaxed night out for you to let off some steam and have fun with your close girlfriends before you tie the knot. And if this sounds like it might suck, it doesn’t have to. While there are a couple of things to keep in mind the etiquette is pretty lenient here. Though I would suggest against inviting the mother of the bride. That may be in bad taste.

2. Rehearsal Dinner

Who traditionally hosts the rehearsal dinner: The groom’s family

What is a rehearsal dinner? Well just like the name suggests it is a dinner where you rehears the details of the wedding. Which by the way comes the day after so don’t even think of having a blitzer or you’ll be tired and possibly hungover when you say: “Sure. Can we go now?” And that won’t make the best wedding photo. But it just might be an interesting one.

Rehearsal dinners are celebrated by the bridal party and the parent’s of the bride. The groom’s family takes care of the bill here, and if you’ve read the the parties leading up to this one you’ll see it is the first one.

So what can you expect. Depending on the atmosphere for your wedding you will want to match that to some degree.

1. Wedding Reception

Who traditionally hosts the rehearsal dinner: The bride’s family (today the bride and groom with help from their families)

SO, you have walked down the aisle, you’ve said your lines and now it is time for the after party. The wedding reception is the point in your wedding where all of the stress has a chance to be worked off on the dance floor or simple mingling with your guests. This is it, the last big chance to celebrate and one that will be the crown jewel in your wedding parties. That means enjoy yourself.

And when it is time to say ado let your friends and family send you off with an incredible show of affection. There are a couple that I might suggest:

  • The sparkler send off. This is a cute and fun way for your friends and family to see you off. And just as long as you make sure they are far enough away, a safe on as well.
  • The “rice” send off. This is the traditional one that everybody knows and I quoted rice for a reason. When you choose to do a rice send off, please and I mean please use a water soluble and none rice substitute. The reason for this is because the will be eaten by birds and can cause their untimely death. The reason for this is becuase the rice will swell in their stomach and in some cases cause it to rupture.
  • The lantern send off. Its just like Disney’s Tangled scene.